Sunday, December 17, 2006

from the "Got Crabs?" dept.

Got Crabs?
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Ok, well... actually salmon.

The Dollarton Crab Shop an honest-to-goodness crab shack in North Vancouver, BC. They sell everything from Indian candy to crab (surprise). They also make a mean plate of fish and chips -- or so I'm told. I don't really like F&C as I find it a dish that is far too oily for my sensitive palate.

The Crab Shop is also one of those places you pass a million times wondering what it's all about until you actually take the bait and go inside to investigate.

I drove past it for years -- but then I moved to Deep Cove a few years ago and one day decided to pop in.

What I found was a bevy of seafood and something called salmon patties. They're like crab cakes, but made with salmon.

Colour them delicious. And addictive.

I often make the long haul from my so-far-south-in-Vancouver-that-I'm-almost-in-Richmond home all the way to the North Shore just to load up.

Which is what I did yesterday. I nabbed several sticks of salmon jerky (drool) and a half-dozen salmon patties.

They're infused with all sorts of herbs and fishy goodness and work for any meal.

This morning I cooked one up on the ol' George Foreman Grille and then crumbled it into some eggs. Dee-lish & easy like Sunday morning.

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