Monday, November 01, 2004

One day left

It's been a crazy couple of days... and my blogging has been falling behind. Here's a bit of a summary:

Friday 10.29: Bought the Nikon D70 digital SLR. Pretty amazing. As of today I have taken more than 1000 images. This could be problematic... taking too many images and keeping too many images. I'm going a little nuts, simply because I can - and I am experimenting. I'm pretty sure that in a while, it'll be back to shooting with film in terms of quantity of images -- but I will be shooting more often.

I am trying to figure out a way to post pictures online easily and without filling up my .mac account. It's time to find more resources for this. Like StockPhotosOnline! Ha ha... sigh...

Saturday 10.30: It was time for my 4th annual Parade of Lost Souls party. It was fortunate that I had moved back to the area... as it just wouldn't have worked in Deep Cove.

The Parade of Lost Souls is a large community hallowe'en bash... quite amazing in that it is a great family event (meaning no mullet topped drunks around to spoil things) and that the police stay away and that everyone has a great time. Thousands were out this year... and I have plenty of images to share. Soon.

We started out by meeting at my place, and then 10 or so of us went to take part in the procession of costume clad folks through the streets of East Vancouver. Lots of fire, drumming, and positive vibes. Best event of the year, hands down.

After the parade, we headed to Nick's to pig out on pasta. And then back to my place to wind the evening down. My costume? King of Evil, although I wish I dressed up like this:

As an added bonus, the rain stayed far away...

Sunday 10.31: Officially hallowe'en, I had to get together with my CTV collegues to work on an independent film. We shot at a downtown office building for several hours. It was an amazing day... cool but clear. Even though we're well into fall, many of the trees have yet to turn colour. And, of course, there are still plenty of flowers blooming. It's an odd place.

At 2, I had to get to work... another day of local news. It was nuts -- Halloween typically brings out a million arsonists - so the scanners are a constant stream of fire calls... portapottys, pic nic tables, garages, cars, schools, houses, trees... you name it. But most of the fires are small and are doused quickly -- making it hard to capture video of the mayhem.

I was thankful by the time 11pm hit.

Today: Well, the big news is that it is one day before the US election. The plan is to head down tomorrow morning. I have to do some interviews at the American Museum of Radio... and then my pal Ted Shredd and I will be partying with the democrats... and hopefully celebrating a Kerry win.

Kerry better not be the devil in a blue dress... that's all I can say.

As for the rest of this day, I am off, but taking care of business. It's pouring outside... so I reckon I will remain inside...

If you want the best links to US political news, check out:


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