Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday is a day of rest... but not for me!

Work beckons at 2pm. And there are 5 more days following.

The rain continues, although there is still a lot of green around. Some flowers too. Winter is here, but it really won't get much worse.

The sadness from election night lingers. The world hasn't come screeching to a halt, but there sure is a pall cast over it.

Pres. Goofball will be inaugurated soon. I only hope the scene of 2000 is repeated - but with more eggs and tomatoes.

If nothing else, history will judge Mr. Bush harshly. And one main reason: 9-11 happened on his watch. As many point out - if that happened on anyone else's watch, there would be no way in hell they'd be re-elected. They'd probably been tossed from office.

Not Georgie boy. I still don't get it...


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