Wednesday, September 03, 2014

THR +60

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I had a decent sleep last night but had to get up early to work.

No leg pain from all the exercise on Monday, but the shoulder continues to be a bother.
Memories of Labour Day 2014. Indian Arm/Deep Cove, BC
It's a cold and rainy day here in Vancouver. I spent a large part of it working ahead. Finished today's piece AND Friday's.

A break was necessary -- a stroll in the rain to get a coffee. But before leaving it took 15 minutes to put on socks and shoes. Tying my left shoe was the hardest and I'm sure I broke my hip precautions (don't twist, don't bend more than 90 degrees, don't cross your legs).

But I got the bastard tied!

I also decided to wear jeans instead of shorts. My Commercial Drive costume has consisted of nothing by shorts and sandals since, what? June?

I dislike this winter garb, but the weather wizards are calling for sun for the rest of the week. Although those are the same weather wizards that called for rain yesterday.


So... I walked in the rain to get a double americano misto at Continental. The waterproofing of my raincoat is somewhat suspect. Does good waterproofing exist?

The day was spent working, but I fit in laundry. I finally bailed at 10pm and went to bed shortly thereafter. The glamorous life of a freelance writer!

exercise: 1.3km walk, 50 flights, forgot physio - will make up for it on 9/3

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