Tuesday, July 15, 2014

THR +11

July 15, 2014

Another brutal sleep thanks to living in an apartment/oven during a heat wave. Also, sleeping is difficult due to much pain in my right shoulder and the inability to get comfortable.

Eventually I slept. And then woke at the crack of dawn.

SUPER grumpy today. Not happy with what we shot yesterday, plus I'm finding doing stuff so annoying. This too shall pass, but Jesus, it's difficult to get much done.

I also have no tolerance for things like loose arms on my glasses. And dirty lenses. Think I can tighten them? No. Think I can clean them? No -- despite gallons of cleaner.


If I don't get a decent night's rest soon, I'm going to loose my shit.

The hip is fine, if stiff. Pain is low, but I still need the Oxy if to get in/out of bed. And to sit. And for pretty much everything requiring movement.

The big challenge today: take the garbage out. This means 10 flights of stairs, three doors and a locked trash bin. I've tied a string around the garbage bag and will wear it down.


Yeah, I'm grumpy.

UPDATE: Walked 13 blocks, 10 flights of stairs.


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