Sunday, July 20, 2014

THR +16

July 20, 2014

I was so tired last night that I didn't even make it to 10pm. The sky was still pink when I rolled into bed, groaning as I tried to find the sweet spot. There isn't one, of course. Getting in and out of bed is the worst. Trying to get comfortable is the second worst -- mostly because of my sore shoulder (crutch effect?). Sitting also sucks, but not nearly as much.

The one thing I look forward to: comfort.

I didn't take any oxy before going to bed, and paid the price. I woke up several times and had a shit sleep until sometime after 4am. I also dreamt of San Pedro. The pool. Floating it it. COMFORT!

The Pool That Is No More

I'm still having to go #1 in the middle of the night and immediately upon waking up. Before the operation, I never had to pee overnight. Hopefully this is temporary.

This morning I'm all seized up. I have a general dull pain in my leg, back and shoulder. I'm tired. It's hard to focus. Then again, it's not yet 7am on a Sunday morning.

It's raining, so hopefully that continues. I think I'll skip going anywhere today and try to keep crutch use to a minimum.  I also popped an oxy, but it'll take an hour for that to kick in.

Not a great day so far, but I'm sure I just did too much yesterday. And it's still early...


I spent the entire day inside. I did some physio exercises, but stayed off the crutches for the most part. I watched a movie (Rush) and some TV (Sherlock) and just basically hung out.

I crashed early -- around 10.


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