Thursday, July 24, 2014

THR +20

July 24, 2014


Last night's sleep wasn't bad. I slept fairly solidly but woke up twice. Each time it was hard to get back to sleep. I kept my operated leg elevated on a pillow -- so blood clots don't kill me!

Getting up (around 6:30) was tough. Despite the oxy last night, I was stiff and sore. The swelling was down, but the leg hurt. After a bit of movement, things improved. I also popped an oxy (first morning one in a long time). Relief isn't immediate: it takes about an hour to kick in. Perhaps the stiffness was from all of yesterday's activities.

Today's agenda is fairly full: I've got to get some groceries and vitamins. I have to finish a Shaw piece. And I'm meeting up with my co-producer to work on the Kickstarter campaign for Dead, Buried, Forgotten. And after that we're meeting up with a Global (TV) buddy for a drink at the Nerd Bar.

However, the rain is still falling, so that may mean delaying the trip for groceries. We'll see.

 From - Rain, rain, go away!


Well, the rains let up and out of the house I went. First to meet up with a couple of pals at the Storm Crow Tavern (aka Nerd Bar) which is just a block from my house. Then to Fet's for some whiskey and lunch.

It was the first day I left the house with just one crutch. I brought along my backpack stuffed with pillows so that I had something to sit on (my hips have to be 2" higher than my knees).

After lunch, it was off to get groceries and actually carry a bag. No problem at all.

I'd say I'm now officially on one crutch.

The heat is supposed to arrive tomorrow and stick around for a while. I think I'll get out and do some walking/errands. Having one arm free will make all the difference in the world.

Now, if I could just get the swelling under control!


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