Friday, July 25, 2014

THR +21

July 25, 2014

Today marks three weeks since I went under the knife. The actually anniversary hour is around 1pm.

To say that I'm shocked at the speed of my recovery is an understatement. I thought it would be fast, based on all the reading, video watching and conversations I'd had. But not this fast.

I'm finally getting relatively decent sleeps -- although I still wake up early (today: 5:30am). The pain is minimal -- with the exception of tight skin due to swelling and some tingling in the leg. But no real pain. And certainly not like before.

I'm able to stand unassisted (and have been for a while). I am now down to using one crutch -- although that puts strain on my poor shoulder and hand. The incision still looks nasty but it's clean and healing. It's definitely not subtle!

I've upped water intake, exercises and rests. Today I'll go for a walk to the bank. The funny thing is now, I have no hesitation to go anywhere. Whereas pre-surgery, the thought of walking a block filled me with despair. That's how bad the pain was.

Now, I'm not kidding myself. There's still a long road ahead. LOTS more physio, and at least 11 more weeks of restricted movements.  I won't be driving for a while, but I should be able to hit the gym in August. Swimming will follow, I hope.

But I've adjusted to all the restrictions and I'm happy that I can actually get out and move again. 

Once I'm past the three month mark, the next project begins: dropping 40 lbs by Christmas. I'll do that by exercising and juicing once or twice a day.

But for now, no dieting. I need my food energy.

Time for physio/a nap/water... 


Ran errands. 10 blocks walked. 10 flights of stairs.


Spent the evening watching the ITV series Broadchurch. Pain was low, but it is still very hard to get comfortable in any position.

Crashed around 10.


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