Sunday, July 27, 2014

THR +23

July 27, 2014

Morning has broken. Via
A beautiful Sunday morning and I'm concerned. Concerned about my leg and possible blood clots.

After a fairly decent sleep, I'm up early to get ready to go to the walk-in clinic for 9. The leg is tender but there is no swelling (I elevated it overnight). It does seem warmer than the non-operated leg, but there is no redness.

So who knows? The doctor, hopefully.

My rib pain has returned. Not really pronounced, but every once in a while there's a hint of it. Odd.

And my left calf threatened to cramp this morning. It didn't, but that's a scary thought.

I'm worried. But I've been worried before. And in a couple of hours, I'll know whether I'm being paranoid or if there actually is something wrong.

Cross those fingers and toes.

Before I forget, here's a picture from yesterday (July 26, 2014 / THR +22):

22 days post surgery. July 26, 2014. Photo: Steve Mc.

Little was resolved at the walk-in clinic. The doctor agreed that I was showing some symptoms and that I needed to get things checked out. Unfortunately, being a Sunday, all the nearby labs were closed.

He suggested going to Emergency at a local hospital. The closest was Mt. St. Joseph's. I figured I'd give it a shot, rather than Vancouver General -- assuming it wouldn't be nearly as busy.

I walked home and called HandyTransit and was able to get a ride to the hospital (emergency!) within about 30 minutes. It only took 10 minutes to get there.

At the hospital the waiting room was dated and vacant:

Hospital waiting room: Not pretty, but pretty vacant.
In no time, the forms were filled out and I was waiting for a doctor. A nurse took some blood and the doctor came by just minutes later. He said I needed an ultrasound to see if I actually had clots. But there is no ultrasound tech on Sundays, so I have to return on Monday.

He did say that if I did have clots, the treatment would be the blood thinner I'm already taking. Likely more of it.

I was done by noon. Outside, I called HandyTransit to see if I could luck out again. The answer was no. I'd have to wait 90 minutes.

I decided to just go home. As I can't ride in a cab (too much bending), the only two options were the bus or walk. And it was too far to walk.

So I did a combo. I walked four blocks to Broadway Ave. where I caught a bus to Commercial Drive. I had a seat at the front, so it was pretty easy.

I got off at Commercial and decided to walk the rest of the way: about 15 blocks. I got home tired, but feeling good. More exercise!

And now I wait for tomorrow...

Exercise: ~30 blocks, 20 flights of stairs


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