Monday, July 28, 2014

THR +24

July 28, 2014

It was a rough night. I couldn't get comfortable (or sleep) and had to take an oxy around 3am. The skin on my operated leg remains tight and tender -- although the swelling was down when I got up (5:30).

The apartment is quite toasty, even at this early hour. There's no wind and even the fan is ineffective. Also, it's not going to get better:

Oh, to have some cool rain!

Despite my fears, HandyDart arrived on time at carried me up to Mount St. Joe's for an ultrasound. I had a 9:15am appointment and was getting scoped in no time. It was a painful procedure as there were times the tech had to really push the sensor into my leg.

After it was done, the tech said things looked fine -- no clots. But she had to consult with a physician. A few minutes later she came back with the thumbs up.

I then had to return to admitting where they insisted another doctor had to look at the results before I could leave. An hour later, I finally got the 30 second sign-off.

I was now late for a scheduled brunch with former CTV weekend news crew. I walked up to Broadway and hopped a bus to Commercial. Then walked from Commercial Station to Cafe du Soleil where everyone was waiting.

After brunch, a couple of us went to the Nerd Bar (Storm Crow Tavern) for afternoon pints of cider.  Some future options were raised, including me moving to Toronto. Hmm.

After all that activity, it was time to head home for a long nap. Then some writing work. Then another nap. Then some TV (the BBC series Shetland). Then finally, at 10, sleep.

Exercise: ~20 blocks, 10 flights


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