Tuesday, July 29, 2014

THR +25

July 29, 2014

The fear of clots gone, I'm finding myself my much more relaxed. I'm still sleeping poorly due to the inability to get comfortable. Overnight I woke up twice but still managed about 7 restless hours.

The calf is still swollen and tender but there is no real pain in my hip. I didn't take any oxy last night and don't plan to today. I did discover that I shouldn't be drinking grapefruit juice while taking my blood thinner -- whoops. I'll stop that.

Most of the pain I have is my right shoulder and hand. Hopefully that goes away once I'm off the crutches.

I have much work to do today plus I need to get groceries. And maybe do laundry. Busy day ahead.


So, I did a bunch of work. Picked up some groceries. Had a pint with an old college pal. And worked some more.

I'm knackered. And sore. And took my first oxy of the day at 10:30pm.

The apartment is an oven again... sleep may be difficult.

Exercise: 8 blocks, 20 flights of stairs


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