Saturday, July 12, 2014

THR +8

July 12, 2014

A week ago I woke up in a drug induced stupor. The last thing I remembered was the anesthesiologist administering, with some difficulty, my epidural.

Lying in the hospital bed, I was completely zonked. But the toes on my operated leg wiggled and I could feel the nurse's touch. Good signs, all.

And so, the hip replacement was done.

Fast forward to today. I'm still a little confused by the physio process (there wasn't much guidance other than a list of exercises, half of which I can't yet do). And I'm still taking 15-20g of oxycodone and a blood thinner every day. But a PT is coming to visit on Monday. And I think I can start backing off on the drugs soon.

I've been out walking. I've climbed the many stairs to my apartment. And I've been living with zero assistance for a few days now. I'm disappointed by the lack of contact from my Vancouver "friends" (all but a few and no phone calls or visits), but this is more than made up by the concern shown via email and Skype from real friends in Winnipeg, Halifax and San Pedro. Some facing battles much more onerous than my little hip replacement.

Of course, my business partner went above and beyond for several days before and after surgery. Many beers are owed.

I'm a little frustrated today. Mostly by things like sheets bunching up and coming off the bed (argh!) and constantly dropping things (bah!). And I'm tired of being inside and feeling like I have a log for a left hip.

But I am a million times better than a week ago. The pain is far less than I'd anticipated. And life is actually pretty easy. Except showering. Showering sucks. I'd like to pitch my tub transfer bench out the window! Also the bath mat that slips in the tub.

Being self-employed means that I've got to get back to work this weekend. It's been an awesome break (just a week), but I need to make enough money to at least break even in this most expensive of Canadian cities.

I'm not long for Vancouver. You can't eat the view, and with the death of my industry, I can't afford to live here. Which is fine, because there are places I'd much rather be. Places that are affordable and people offer a little support.

And so, things are pretty good. I'm looking forward to more healing and then, come the end of October, chasing the next adventure. There will be a garage sale!

UPDATE 8:16pm

Walked three blocks, 10 flights of stairs on crutches. Shopped a little, too. Had to ask strangers for help. Ooooh!

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