Monday, September 01, 2014

THR +59

Monday, September 1, 2014

Time flies! Hard to believe it's September.

Today marks the start of a second week of no wheat and eight weeks since leaving the hospital.

BREAKFAST: Cornflakes, blueberries, banana, vanilla yogurt, 1% milk + coffee (+tin milk)


I grabbed a car share car and hit the road. $50 for 400km/24 hours including gas and insurance. Sold.

I went to Deep Cove, bought salmon patties at The Crab Shop, checked to see if shorts and other summer apparel is on sale yet (no), bought groceries (Chinatown and a new supermarket - holy cheap!), went to the beach, walked 2.5km with cane and 2.5km WITHOUT cane. Amazing day.
Labour Day at Spanish Banks, Vancouver, BC
Came home. Worked a bit. And now it's time for physio and then to relax.

LUNCH: Veggie rice & chicken

DINNER: Lentil chips and garlic hummus, wine (yeah, whatever!)

Exercise: 5.5km walked, 2.5km without cane, 50 flights of stairs, physio

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