Monday, June 21, 2004

The beginning of the work week and it is sunny and hot. How unfair is that?

Well, for those who don't work on such a summer's day, it *is* fair. I just wish I were one of those people.

The clock is running out to get prepped for Night of Artists -- I still have many tickets to sell, and many photos to get printed and many mattes cut and many frames purchased. Luckily I am off on Wednesday -- so I have a full day to attend to that.

I suppose I could have done it this morning, but after working until midnight last night I wanted to try and sleep in. And then I wanted to do the hike to the look off:

Weather conditions: hot
Trail conditions: dry as a bone
People: 15 or so
Dogs: 4

Time up: 28:11
Time down: 24:17 *** NEW RECORD***

The trail extends a further kilometre... so one day soon I will explore where that goes.

I have to work tonight... bah! And then a double tomorrow... double bah! But if August is going to be a month sans work, then this will allow me to prepare. And hell, a week off would be wonderful.

Such is life...


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