Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This was the tough one. The day began at 4am, after going to bed at 1am after working 2 full shifts in one day.

And it went pretty well!

I made it with seconds to spare. Another failed attempt at getting a coffee at McD's slowed me down. Now before you judge, remember that there is bugger all open at 4:30am in the frickin' morning. There's not even a 7-11 on my route. It's all 'burbs, bridge and port. Plus rummies, low-track hookers, and addict-zombies.

It's quite a change going from the wealth and beauty of Deep Cove/North Vancouver to the sad streets of the downtown east side. There's less traffic downtown.

Anyway -- yesterday I attempted to fetch a coffee and was held back from the drive-thru window by some derelict on a bike who couldn't understand why they wouldn't serve him at the drive-thru. His arguing was annoying and costing me precious time. I called him a name and drove off in a huff.

I am waiting for my pal Connie to arrive from Calgary. She's staying a night before heading to the Victoria Night of Artists show.

I work again at 5am, but I think that we should be able to fit in dinner before I hit the wall.

After work I did some errands, then drove past the old place -- and there were strange people on the deck! Enjoy the bongos!


Post Dinner -- Connie and I went to the sushi joint downstairs. $60 late we had stuffed our faces with sushi and saki. And then we wandered down to the water front before coming back home. Her day started at 5am as well -- but in Calgary... so it wasn't a late night.

Time for bed...


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