Monday, October 13, 2014

THR +101

Monday, October 13, 2014 (Thanksgiving)

The day started late.

I spent the night in the suburbs after a big Thanksgiving feast. Caught a ride home to the city around 2pm.

It rained all day, but I still managed to get out to the grocery store and bank. I ended up skipping physio (well, I did some, but not all), just to give my body a break.

I starting to get that overwhelmed feeling with departure just a few weeks away. It seems like there is SO much to do. But it'll get done. It always does.

This evening I caught up on some TV viewing and worked on a piece that's due tomorrow.

It doesn't look like I'll be doing any long walks as the forecast is crap:
Um, no.
I have to get up tomorrow for an early coffee with a former CTV/CBC colleague at 9am. So... zzz time!

Exercise: 1km, some physio, lots of stairs (laundry)

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