Saturday, August 02, 2014

THR +29

August 2, 2014

A better sleep, but still lots of heat. Took an oxy an hour before bed. Went to bed around 11. Woke up at 2. Fitful sleep followed for a bit. Then woke up at 6.

The leg is a bit sore -- perhaps because I slept on the operated side for a while. Right shoulder is definitely making itself known. The right hand is tender.


I feel like I've been cooped up in the house for far too long. Sure, I get out for brief periods, but I'm dying to go for a drive or walk on a beach. But I can't drive, I'm not ready for long bus rides and, well, I'm kind of trapped.

Today I decided to up the exercise AND get out of the house. Around 10am I headed out. Destination: Vancouver's Trout Lake Farmers' Market. It took a while to get there -- it's roughly 20 blocks. And I should have worn a hat.

But I made it. On one crutch. I felt a little dizzy, but that was because of the sun. After a couple of minutes in the shade, I felt fine.

I thought I'd see what overpriced goodies were for sale in the market, but I only managed a couple of minutes before turning on my heels and leaving. It seems that everyone with a stroller, dog or smartphone was out to either run into me or to try and trip me. Seriously, who brings a dog on a long leash to a crowed farmers' market? It was a cavalcade of morons.

I left without buying any overpriced hipster okra and instead went to nearby Trout Lake to lean against a tree. In the shade. It was nice. Until a dog tried to pee on my crutch.

Trout Lake on a hot summer day. Aug 2, 2014.
After that, I'd had enough. But it felt great to be able to walk with no hip pain!

I strolled back to my neighbourhood and stopped in at the veggie market for reasonable priced fare. I'm going to start juicing tomorrow (as a supplement to my diet, not a replacement), so I need some veggies.

The Nerd Bar across the street looked inviting, and I decided to have a nice cold cider at the stand-up bar.

By the time I made it home, the apartment was a sauna. No matter what I do, the place turns into an oven on sunny days. It makes it difficult to do anything -- and there's no where for me to escape to. I'm stuck.

I had a nap until the heat woke me up. And now I'm waiting for the sun to go down so I can stop sweating. Once I don't have to carry special sitting apparatus with me -- and drive a car -- then I'll be able to escape. Of course, that will be when the rains begin.

Still, a really good day and a sign of good things to come.

Exercise: 4.5km walked, 10 flights of stairs, physio exercises.


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