Sunday, August 03, 2014

THR +30

August 3, 2014

I had a better sleep last night. I didn't take any oxy and went to bed as soon as the apartment cooled off. I managed to fall asleep right away. I've got no hip pain, just the hand and shoulder. Damn crutch!

I woke up a couple of times - to go to the loo and because of the shoulder. I tried sleeping on both sides, but it didn't really help. I have to keep a pillow between my legs as a hip precaution.

By 6am, I was ready to rise.

This time of day is great because it's actually cool in here. But that'll change by midday.

Another hot, windless day is forecast:

However, it's really nice right now:

Nice view from

It was a great day. The apartment was cool this morning, so I hung out and poked away at next week's work.

Around midday, I had a sudden desire for sushi. I walked to a Japanese market and back. That was 2km. The reward: lots of sushi and a coconut bun!

My favourite food.
I spent the early part of the afternoon working. I also did a double dose of physio and took a 40 minute nap (and elevated my feet - doctor's orders!).

I was going to make some juice, but I figure I'll do that tomorrow.

As the sun began to set and the temperature began to drop, I decided to go for another walk. Not very far -- just 1.2km. I stopped on Commercial Drive and listed to some live Latin music. Awesome! I even walked 1/2 a block without a crutch -- just for fun.

And then came home where I'm now enjoying a cold cider and catching up on things.

A fine day.

Exercise: Physio X2, 3.2km walking, 9 flights of stairs.


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