Monday, August 04, 2014

THR +31

August 4, 2014

I'm still having difficulties sleeping. Not from the hip, but from the (right) shoulder. It is very difficult to get comfortable. It seems that the shoulder doesn't like being in any position at night.

I may try some oxy (I've been off it for days now) tonight.

There is good news: I now make it through the night without having to go to the bathroom.  Yay! Back to normal!

But I kept waking up with shoulder pain. At one point, around 2am, it took a long time to get back to sleep.

This better be from using a crutch on the right side and not some new annoyance. I may attempt a cane today, but the cane I have (from the Red Cross) is awfully heavy -- heavier than a crutch. So I don't know if using it will solve anything. And my operated leg is still weak enough that I require walking assistance.

Perhaps I'm overdoing it?

If only there was a way to get to the Red Cross to swap the crutches for shorter ones and get a lighter cane.

On the agenda today:

Even though it's a holiday, I have to get more Shaw work done. Deadlines loom tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Kickstarter project requires some attention, too.

I hope to be out of the apartment by the time it starts to heat up. The forecast is for another hot, windless day. It's already 18c (7am) and the prognosticators are calling for a high of 31 (with high humidity).

Give me strength. I may have to just go sit on a patio somewhere with a book. But can I do that for 7 hours?!


Well, I managed to get tomorrow's piece done today and half of Wednesday's. So that's good, but I'm not really ahead.

Then I made some Blerk™.

And in the afternoon, I was rescued by an old pal and spent the afternoon enjoying a patio on Commercial Drive.

I also used a cane for the first time today. It's certainly different than a crutch. Let's see if lessens the shoulder pain.

Back home now, where the apartment is silly hot. The sun should be going down in about 90 minutes. If only there was a breeze. Or a cloud!

C'est la vie!

Exercise: ~4 blocks, 10 flights of stairs, physio x2


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