Friday, August 08, 2014

THR +35

August 8, 2014

Today marks five weeks since I went in for my total hip replacement. So far, so good:

- incision totally healed
- walking with cane
- can walk unassisted for short distances, but tend to favour good leg
- it's much easier getting in/out of bed
- no pain in the hip
- left leg sometimes swells a bit, but not like before
- leg feels much "softer" -- the log that was in my thigh is gone
- still having sleep difficulties
- right shoulder and hand are still problematic
- weight has fallen 9.1 lbs since August 1 (MUCH more to go)
- feeling positive and healthy

I took an oxy last night to assist with sleep. Still suffering the same issue with my right shoulder and arm -- they're sore almost all the time. At night the shoulder tends to flare up.

I'm trying to not put much weight on my right arm when using a crutch (at home) or cane (when out), but it doesn't seem to help. Methinks once I'm walking without assistance, the problem will go away.

Last night's sleep was poor. I woke up several times (and surprisingly had to go to the bathroom each time), the last time just before 5am. I almost stayed up, but managed to get back to sleep for a bit before getting up around 6:30.

Not much on the agenda today: check some work before submitting, perhaps escape the neighbourhood and hope for clouds!

But first: coffee!


Pretty standard day. I finished my work and then went to get fruit & veg to make Blerk™. On the way home I stopped at a neighbourhood bar and had a pint on their patio.

Didn't do much for the rest of the day/evening. Watched some TV and went to bed around 10. Took 1 oxy.

I'm after 35 days, I'm awful anxious to get out of the neighbourhood! 

Exercise: 6 blocks, 10 flights & physio x2. 


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