Saturday, August 09, 2014

THR +36

August 9, 2014

These posts are becoming Groundhog Day-like. The same thing, over and over.

Last night I took an oxy around 10. Woke up twice to go to the bathroom (no idea why I have to pee so much overnight -- I'm careful about water intake before bed).

I eventually got up around 7:30am, which was a but of a surprise. Not a bad sleep, but still difficulties with arm/shoulder pain.

The operated leg is a little tender around the incision. Nothing serious, likely just the healing process.

As mentioned in my previous post: I AM SO BORED. I've been stuck in my neighbourhood for more than five weeks. I reckon I could hop a bus somewhere... but where? And to do what? I'd also have to carry a big pillow if I wanted to sit anywhere.

Doesn't seem worth the effort. I'd rather hop in a car and drive to the beach. But that is still a few weeks away.

There is the overpriced hipster organic-a-thon farmers' market. Maybe I can go this week and try to trip people like they tried to trip me last week. Or walk into them as I stare at my phone! Fun!

Maybe I'll just stay in the house and poke away at next week's work. Boring!


I can drive!

I decided to see if I could fit into a Car2Go Smart Car. They're the car sharing company that I have a membership in. With taxes, the cars cost about $17/hr gas and insurance included. Plus you can pick up and drop off almost anywhere in Vancouver. It's a great service!

Love Car2Go!
Anyway, I brought a selection of pillows and wouldn't you know that my $60 hard foam special hip replacement cushion worked the best. I have to sit on a cushion or pillows so that my hips are 2" higher than my knees. The cushion adds about 4".

Getting in and out of the car was easy with the seat pushed back and reclined. I sat a bit higher than I'm used to, but I still had lots of headroom.

I took off for about an hour - driving from my Commercial Drive neighbourhood all the way to Deep Cove and back.

This. Changes. Everything.

But I still need to exercise, too. So when I arrived home (and left the car on the street in front of my oven apartment building, I went for a 20 block walk.

All that's left to do is survive the heat in here (help!) and finish my physio exercises.

Also: I made Blerk™ with beets today. I call it Plerk™!

And that wraps the day.

Exercise: 20 blocks, 20 flights, physio x2

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