Sunday, August 17, 2014

THR +44

August 17, 2014 (Sunday)

We may just have a solution to the shoulder pain problem.

As previously mentioned, I picked up a new and far lighter cane yesterday. I used it for the rest of the day, and the difference was astounding.

I was going to take some painkillers before going to bed, but decided not to. I hit the sack around 11 and fell asleep quickly.

I woke up a few times, but not in any real discomfort. I woke up again around 6:30am and because I had the car share car until 9, I thought I should get up and use it. But I could have easily gone back to bed for a couple more hours of restful sleep.

The shoulder was much improved. 

So... I got up, grabbed my stuff and ran out the door to enjoy the last few hours of vehicular freedom.

First stop was Continental Coffee for a double americano misto.

Then off to Kits Beach for a stroll before the tourists and lululemon crowd took over. It was incredibly peaceful:
Kits Beach (English Bay), Vancouver, BC
The next stop was further west: Spanish Banks. But I didn't really have time to hang around. I had to get back to my neighbourhood by 9:30am.

Which I did.

So, for 24 hours of having a car on demand including gas, insurance and taxes, the total cost was $56. That included 242km of driving! And, because I gassed up during the 24 hours (their gas card), I was rewarded with 20 free minutes off my next rental.

I love Car2Go!

It's now midday Sunday. I'm restless but don't feel like working. I think I'll go get some sushi. And make some Blerk™.

Oh, and the shoulder? Still feels pretty good, despite the typing.


I managed to get some work done. And I walked to the Japanese grocery store. And I walked to the regular grocery store.

After that, I kicked my feet up. The shoulder started to flare, so I popped a Naproxen.

Exercise: Beach walk (30 mins), Grocery shopping (3km), 30 flights of stairs, physio. 

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