Friday, August 22, 2014

THR +49

Friday, August 22, 2014

Today marks seven weeks since I had my total hip replacement. So far so good.

But first: last night.

I went to bed around 11pm and woke up around 2am with leg cramps (thigh) in my non-operated leg. They didn't last long, but they sure hurt. I stayed up until 2:30.

After that I had a decent sleep, rolling out of the sack around 7:30am.

On the agenda: a relaxing day. There's a noon concert at CBC Vancouver. Then it's off to a patio on Commercial Drive for the afternoon.

And not much else. This is my day off.

Back to week seven:

My healing is progressing well. I do have a bit of extra pain when I overdo things, but generally the operated leg feels good.

The right shoulder feels good too, especially when I don't put too much weight on my cane whilst walking.

I'm adding new physio exercises and have noticed that my operated leg remains weaker than the good leg. Not surprising, of course. But it may be time for some stationary cycling.

I've got to go for x-rays today or Monday (methinks Monday) ahead of meeting with my physio therapist and surgeon next week. Before I make any huge changes, I'll wait until after I've talked to them.


- it was a fairly relaxing day... went with biz partner to The Charlatan for a beer. Then to The Reef for some Jamaican jerk and pints, then to Fet's for some tasty G&Ts

- I sat on a backpack full of pillows. Not the most comfortable option, but better than hauling my large high-density foam pad around with me

- home by 8pm, relaxed, cooked some veggies, apartment stinks of onions

- off to bed at 10:30pm

exercise: ~10 blocks, 10 flights, physio+

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