Sunday, August 24, 2014

THR +51

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I had a pretty decent sleep last night, but I still wake up a lot. Although I'm feeling pretty good after yesterdays 6km walk.

I'm disappointed with my weight loss. I was down 10 lbs earlier in the month, but much of that has returned. I'm not sure why. My diet is heavy with vegetables and healthy foods -- and I'm exercising more. So... I dunno.

I still plan to go off all wheat as soon as I can. That should be in a day or two -- I've still got some flour tortillas and whatnot in the fridge. I also have a million corn tortillas just waiting to be consumed...

And... I'm trying to figure out what to do today. I don't want to spend any money. I don't want to do the same walk again. But I don't want to remain inside, either.



I ended up doing some work, followed by a 4km walk, followed by a pint on the patio, followed by a couple of episodes of the BBC series Spooks.

Exhausted, I crashed around 11pm.

exercise: 4km walk, 10 flights, physio

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