Thursday, August 28, 2014

THR +55

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not a bad sleep last night, but I had to get up early as I have to be at the hospital at 7:45. I'm meeting with my surgeon to have the first follow-up. Seems like 55 days is a long time to wait, but everything is going well.

I'm a bit stiff in the operated leg. The right hand is better but the right shoulder is sore.

After the hospital, I'm planning to do a little work (mostly housekeeping) and then relax.


I used Car2Go to drive to the hospital. Easy peasy and very little traffic. Found parking right outside VGH.

The meeting with the surgeon went well. I spent more time with his assistant, but that was fine. Apparently I'm the poster child for hip replacement surgery.

The incision is all healed. My strength is good and he said I could stop using seat risers and sleep without pillows between my legs when I felt comfortable. I'm also cleared to ride a stationary bike and drive a car (heh heh).

I still have 4 more weeks of precautions to follow, but I get the impression I'm all but healed -- with the exception of soft tissue around the incision. I'll also have to keep doing physio to increase my strength.

Here's a before and after shot:
All ready to set off the metal detectors!
The only bad note? The surgeon said my right hip is showing the early signs of osteoarthritis. He said it would be years before it became a problem... and said "come back and see us then!"

Ah well. Now the next challenge: dropping 50 lbs.


Went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and ended up having a pint of cider at The Storm Crow Tavern -- and watched the world go by.
Did someone say pint? Like 20oz pint?
After the Crow it was time to head home and do physio. And then watch some more of BBC's Spooks. And then a new and pretty funny show called You're the Worst.

Another no wheat day!

exercise: 16 blocks, 20 flights, physio


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