Friday, August 29, 2014

THR +56

Friday, August 29, 2014

And... EIGHT weeks since my surgery.

It's hard to believe that much time has passed -- and how far I've come. Was I really hobbling around like an old man? Was I really using a walker? Was getting in and out of bed almost impossible?

Yup. And just weeks ago!

As per yesterday's post, recovery is coming along nicely. I still need to increase the strength of my operated leg. I'll discuss that with the physio therapist next week.

In other news: all my work is done, so I can have a few days off. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in and rain is in the forecast, but it is a long weekend after all, and that's what the weather usually does.

Today's plans included a ferry ride to Bowen Island, but given the weather, the idea is dead in the water. Better to do it on a nicer day.

That means I have a day of nothing to do. Hmm. Guess I'll read and listen to some tunes... like:


- I ended up going downtown. Walked to Skytrain. Walked around downtown. Skytrain home.

- I think it's time to add some more freelance writing/editing/screening work. Anyone got?

- Chilled out in the evening. Watched a terrific new show called You're The Worst. And finished Spooks Season 4.

- 5th day of no wheat. 

exercise: 4.16km walked, 10 fights, physio 


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